USAID Energy Power Plant Jobs, Performance Engineer Required

205 11 14 USAID Energy Power Plant Jobs, Performance Engineer Required

USAID Energy Power Plant Jobs, Performance Engineer Required

USAID energy Policy Project is a multi-year initiative to increase power generation, decrease losses and increase cost recovery and facilitate GOP reform efforts with technical assistance and new technology.

We are looking for experienced professionals to join our team as Power Plant Performance Experts based at Jamshoro, Muzaffargarh and Guddu.

The Power Plant Performance Expert will be involved in analyz­ing the power plant’s performance and carrying out the risk based inspection and maintenance of power plants. The incumbent will be required to develop and implement power plant maintenance program. Other responsibilities include training of plant managers and operators, and implement efficiency improvement measures.

Candidate Profile:

Certified Engineers with at least 15 years of professional techni­cal experience in thermal power generation sector, plant operation and maintenance, design and testing, commission­ing with at least five years of working experience in Performance Improvement on the thermal power plants. The expert should be familiar with the latest performance test codes of steam turbines, gas turbines, combined-cite power plant and overall plant performance.

Please email your resume along with a cover letter latest by October 5,2012 at

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